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Maintaining a balance between demanding work schedules and personal life has become difficult in today’s fast-paced world.

You need a professional who can take care of your ailing parent or someone who needs medical attention so that you may devote the same amount of time to your job and family. By using the home nursing services in Mangalore and Udupi, you may work stress-free while being assured of the well-being of your loved one.

Aayan Global is a reputable home nursing service in Mangalore that can bring you in touch with vetted caregivers who have the necessary skills. You can hire a professional to take care of your loved one while you are away. Fill out the form provided along with your needs to find a caregiver. Professionals who are devoted and trustworthy and meet your needs will contact you.

Types of Services Offered are:

In order to manage patients, one needs to have patience and pay attention. You may have peace of mind and give your loved one the greatest care by working with a home nurse agency in Mangalore.

The caregiver would take care of each task, including taking blood pressure, giving drugs on time, monitoring injections, etc. Based on your requirement you can hire a home nursing service in Mangalore for:

1. Elder Care Services

Elder Care Services

A special type of care service called elder care, also known as senior care, is created to address the many needs and specifications of senior citizen home care. The elder care services offered by Aayan Global cover a wide range of services like assisted living, nursing care, adult day care, and home care.

You can get an all-inclusive healthcare solution for all your aging needs from Aayan Global’s home nursing services in Mangalore and Udupi. Our senior living facilities in Mangalore and Udupi are designed specifically to meet each client’s medical requirements. You can relax knowing that there are committed members who will see to it that all of your healthcare needs are met.

2. Patient Care Services

With their wellness in mind, patient care services make sure the patient is kept happy and comfortable. They have the right to private protection as well as the right to be treated with respect and consideration. A patient is a living, breathing human being who we care for every day without passing any kind of subjective or personal judgment.

The individual may be suffering from a sickness, a physical disability, or anything else, but they all require patient care built on respect for one another as fellow beings. In the end,  Aayan Global’s patient care services in Mangalore and Udupi are provided from the heart.

Aayan Global’s duty is to take care of their patients. We guarantee that the patient will receive the best care possible. Aayan Global home nurse services in Mangalore and Udupi will take very good care of their patients at home and other medical facilities. They are in charge of attending to the fundamental needs of patients and responding to any inquiries they may have.

3. Baby Care Services

Baby Care Services

Despite being a wonderful and life-changing experience, becoming a mother carries a lot of obligation and responsibility. The first few weeks after a baby is born are packed with an overwhelming amount of difficulties: the baby is awake all night, there are latching issues, and mothers are exhausted, sore, and sleep-deprived. At times, it may just be impossible to process everything.

Recuperate from everything that has happened and adjusting to the new routine takes a lot of time, patience, and strength. The new mother and infant need support and help in any manner they can get at this time. Therefore, you can benefit from Aayan Global’s baby care services in Mangalore and Udupi.

The provided babysitter’s a specialist in all forms of new-mother and infant care and is able to recognize practically anything and everything connected to the two. Building a strong link between the mother and her newborn child is crucial since the mother experiences many physical and emotional changes during this time.

We provide postnatal care to the newborn using our personalized plan, making sure to meet all the needs of the new mother and baby. Aayan Global’s baby care services in Mangalore and Udupi make sure that the mother’s and the child’s requirements are satisfied at all times.

4. Cancer Care Services

Home care services for cancer patients are absolutely essential as the journey to recovery is tedious. There would be several rounds of chemotherapy, hospital visits, clinical interventions, follow-up visits to the doctor and many other unforeseen medical emergencies and procedures. And in such a scenario, there is an absolute giving up on the part of the patient as he or she is bereft of any energy or positive spirit.

When an individual is diagnosed with cancer or other allied ailments, it is definitely an earth-shattering experience. This diagnosis can drain the patient and the patient’s family in myriad ways; emotionally, mentally, physically and also in ways unimaginable. However, in these testing times, it is all about being strong, resilient and never giving up on the spirit to fight back and survive.

Cancer care services can help the patient and the patient’s family deal with the crisis. It is a fact that both the patient and the patient’s family would be absolutely drained and tired going through these tough times. The family members find it difficult to combine their personal and professional life.

Being at home lessens half the problems that would have been caused otherwise in a hospital setup. A hospital setup is a constant reminder of the diagnosis. Patients feel emotionally stronger in the space that they consider their own.

Aayan Global cancer care service in Mangalore and Udupi is quite evident that makes sure to boost their confidence, talk them through all the stages and make sure to provide palliative care for cancer patients within the comfort of their homes itself.

5. Physiotherapy Home Service

Following surgery, illness, trauma, or disease, physiotherapy is a sort of treatment that aids patients in regaining their prior level of physical and mental health. It is also known as physical therapy, and it employs a variety of strategies to hasten the patient’s rehabilitation, including modalities and physical therapy.

Physiotherapy can be used to treat patients of all ages, from newborns to the elderly, and tackles orthopedic, cardiac, neurological, and other issues. The first step in any physical therapy technique is to determine the underlying source of the issue.

You may get the best physiotherapists at Aayan Global in the comfort of your own home. We provide a programme that consists of a tonne of exercises, movement therapy, weights, motor activity, and other things. As a result, the physiotherapy home services offered by Aayan Global in Mangalore and Udupi can be regarded as reasonable.

6. Injection Service

Injection Service

Even though receiving an injection is one of the most elementary medical operations, it still needs to be done carefully and with skilled hands. Even though it seems easy to administer, many of us find it difficult to visit the doctor because of many factors such as old age, injury, poor health, or a lack of time.

For such people, receiving the necessary injections in the convenience of their own home is a huge benefit because it allows them to maintain their medical needs while saving them from the inconveniences of travel.

7. Medical Equipment Service:

Dealing with hospitals for medical assistance is more difficult than getting services within your comfort zone. Getting medical equipment on rent at your house in a convenient way is never a simple task.

Yet, Aayan Global offers support at challenging times in your life. which offers many advanced medical facilities that allow you to recover at home. rent medical equipment so that your loved ones can remain in their own homes with the best supplies close at hand.


If you require any home nursing services for your loved ones, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Aayan Global for all your homecare requirements and service needs. our skilled nurse will attend to you in the convenience of your home look out for your needs as if we were family and always keep an eye on the patient’s health.