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Medical Equipment Services and emergencies are a big blow onto any individual or family and can take a toll on them physically, emotionally and financially. The hospital stays and bills will definitely be elaborate and it is definitely not easy to cope up with these. And more so often it is absolutely hard and unnecessary to be in a hospital setup.

There are advanced medical facilities that allow for treatment and recovery at home. Thus, we have Aayan medical equipment services at home that allow for making use of quite advanced medical equipment that would otherwise only be available in a medical setup.

medical equipment servicesWe offer the best equipment service and sales in relation to medical equipment. If you are in need of a wheelchair, commode, tubular air mattress, we have the best of the best products in town. You can either rent them or buy them and we are happy to help. Be it any product, there is 100% quality assurance. Aayan medical equipment services is one of the most reliable medical equipment on rent for home service where you can find a plethora of products and services.

In most cases, it is quite difficult to keep up with the hospital bills and it gets economically feasible to treat the patient at home. So, in such cases if there a requirement of high-end medical equipment in the recovery process, the family cannot buy off all the equipment. That is when Aayan medical equipments at home makes your work all the easier!

In the case of respiratory equipment, we deal with nebulizers, pulse oximeters, oxygen concentrators, PAP devices, nasal aspirator, suction machine, oxygen cylinders, ventilator and DVT pumps.

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Homecare medical equipment rental and service

Homecare medical equipment rental and service must be relied upon in such cases. So, with Aayan medical equipment services, the quality and assurance for these products is absolute. We make sure that your loved one gets the right treatment and recovers fast, but in an affordable price and that too in the comfort of your home.  

Medical equipment serviceIn case of measuring equipment, we have BP monitor, glucometer, 5-para and cardiac monitors, portable EEG, portable EEG machine and portable X-ray. Aayan Equipment services also deals with medical furniture as that of manual hospital beds, automatic hospital beds and IV stands. Name anything, and we offer it under our Aayan medical services for home at our package. You can pick a set of equipment you need and we will curate an appropriate rate package for you.

We meet with our clients, decipher their needs and also undertake consultations about which products they can rent and what package they can opt for. Our expert team will give you all the knowledge regarding the same and help you deal with your crisis. Clients would not know that a normal bed causes bed sores in the patient while a tubular bed helps prevent bed sores in the patient.

And our work, at Aayan medical equipment services is to make you aware of such possibilities and guide you towards the right products. Choose Aayan medical equipments in mangalore package for all your homecare medical equipment rental and service needs.  

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