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baby care services in mangaloreSo, if you need a baby care taker in Mangalore, always opt for Aayan Global baby care services at home. We always ensure to monitor the vital signs of the baby, bathe it, identify and treat its ailments, provide medical care and assistance, massage the baby with warm oil, use palm pressure, make sure to have blood circulation and lookout for healthy weight gain and overall improvement in the baby. The child care taker at home identifies baby cues, movements and signs so that the baby may have good immunity. 

baby care services at home

Motherhood – though a beautiful and life-changing experience, comes with great responsibility and duty. The initial days into a new born coming into this world are filled with an overwhelming number of challenges – the baby is awake all night, there are problems latching, mothers are tired, sore and sleep-deprived. All of this can just be too much to take in at times. It requires a great deal of time, patience and strength to recover from all of this and get used to the new routine. These are times when the new mother and newborn need support and assistance in all ways possible. Therefore, Aayan Global baby care services at home will help you out! 

With our customized plan, we provide post-natal care to the newborn making sure of all the requirements of the new mother and baby. Our baby care taker at home ensures that all the needs of the mother and baby are met at all times. The baby care taker at home provided is an expert in all methods of baby and new-mother caring and is able to identify almost anything and everything related to the two. As the mother undergoes a lot of physical and emotional changes during this phase, it is very essential to build a strong bond between the mother and her new born child.

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Baby care at home

baby care taker at mangaloreOur Aayan Global baby care at home package aims to achieve just that. We answer queries and make clarifications regarding post-natal care, making the new mother aware about lactation and its techniques, maintain post-partum hygiene, ensuring that the mother is taking in nutritious food and getting adequate amount of sleep. With the Aayan Global baby care at home package, preterm babies, the ones with special needs, sensitive babies and so on are cared for very preciously as they require close monitoring, healthcare and examination of the highest level.

And so, the baby care services at home, one of our most experienced staff, would be assigned to do the task. This child care taker at home, a good neo-natal staff would monitor the activities of the baby, the growth and recuperation and makes changes in the plan of action for baby care if need be. We also have babysitting services for a little older infant so that parents can attend to other commitments entrusting their baby with the child care taker at home. These caretakers are verified and absolutely safe. Thus, always opt for Aayan Global baby care at home.      

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