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House Keeping Services

house keeping services

Housekeeping services is one of the most important necessities of the present times. A neat and tidy home is a space of comfort so that families may live safely and prosper. Cleanliness ensures the wellbeing of all. However, as the times change and individuals are immersed in their professional commitments, it gets absolutely hard for them to devote time to maintaining their house.

And that is when the need for services for housekeeping  arises. It is indeed a grave problem plaguing the present population – to strike that balance between the domestic and professional space. So, at Aayan Global housekeeping cleaning process comes here, we are here to solve all your problems.

We, Aayan HR Consultancy make it easier for you to keep your house neat and clean. We hire a maid for your home cleaniness. We are working at surrounding Mangalore giving our best services. We give the service on residential hourly bases and deep cleaning. We provide you with the perfect shine and sparkle which makes your surrounding look more beautiful and tidy.

Aayan Global services for housekeeping ensures that your homes, offices and surroundings are safe, hygienic and clean. We offer comprehensive housekeeping services in Mangalore; be it any place – the home or office! Our trained professionals leave no stone unturned in making your home or office spick and span. Whatever the job is, leave it to us, at Aayan Global housekeeping services.

We’re sure you will be absolutely satisfied with our housekeeping staff as well as house cleaning and maid service. Our trained professionals offer the best of services and use quality cleaning materials to convert your house or office into a clean zone. These quality cleaning materials are in no way harmful to your health and wellbeing and also promote the life span of the items in your home or office space.

We have a diverse range of office; house cleaning and maid service packages and you can choose any of them as per your needs. We also curate customized office, house cleaning and maid service packages so that you can create a package that is ideally specific to you.

We offer housekeeping services as that of deep cleaning using machines wherein, we clean your domestic space at fixed intervals. This method helps in the total refreshing of your house as all the dirt, dust, grime is removed from all areas of your home and office space. Our housekeeping team for residential and corporate services also includes carpet shampooing and removing of dirt and stains from them. Once you let us shampoo your carpet, we assure you that it will be returned back all new and shiny. There are the sofas that are rarely cleaned and most of the dirt and germs are accumulated in them.

Our expert housekeeping staff uses various kinds of cleaners and vacuums on the plethora of materials that the sofas are made of and then clean the sofa thoroughly without even a slight damage to the material. The same services can be undertaken in an office setup as well.  

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Children and pets usually contribute a lot to floor stains and dirt. Thus, our trained housekeeping staff also indulges in the service of floor scrubbing and marble polishing to remove all possible stains and avoid further damage. The polished marble floor often looks like it is brand new. Under the Aayan Global housekeeping team package, we also undertake fumigation and sanitization of your premises. Windows and facades are also some of the problem areas in a home or an office.

We offer to use the best equipment and rid your windows and facades of all the dirt, dust and grime thus formed. Our house maid cleaning services come with these aspects in addition to the house maids doing all the domestic chores that you require. It is quite a hassle to find the right house maid these days and so, we at Aayan Global household maintenance services for corporate and residential neighborhoods also offer house maid cleaning services where we provide reliable, qualified and polite house maids.

By opting for our housekeeping services, you can avail high roof cleaning facilities. Our trained housekeeping staff also undertakes home kitchen and office cafeteria cleaning wherein these spaces are elaborately cleaned with modern cleaning equipment and cleaning agents. This is a daunting, exhaustive process, but our trained housekeeping staff does it with great passion so that you may be gratified. We also provide washroom and restroom cleaning services and pest control if need be.

You can also determine the frequency of household services required – daily, periodical, weekly, monthly or random. Be it any package and any request, Aayan Global household maintenance services is ready to serve you. So, go on and browse for housekeeping services near me and get to know more about our reliable and satisfactory services.     

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