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Home Nursing

For the elders, Aayan International provides a wide variety of services and our senior citizens who delighted in and profited from our administrations are our only promotion, since their verbal declaration to their relatives and companions is the most genuine and trusty way of spreading our message. We undertake feedback, opinions and assistance from similar individuals to grow our administrations to more senior citizens and in new places.

Our various Home Nursing Services includes:

Elderly care

We Aayan International are one of the main leading Service care specialist in Mangalore. Senior care benefit credit goes to our experts who are experienced, gifted and helps the patient with care and honesty. We prepare Our Staff in assisted home living facilities and give all the essential care for extraordinary senior care that they could encounter. Aayan International elder care service enhances the confidence of our client so that they can live at the happiest phase with the best possible health. This is how we spread love with the smile on their faces.

Medical Equipments

Need of a rental service for Wheelchair, hospital bed or Medical equipment? Aayan International is a one stop solution for medical equipment rental and a trusted one. We provide a wide variety of medical equipments through indoor / outdoor mobility or comfort after the surgery phase. Aayan International has been tied together with leaders of medical technology pioneers so as to provide care equipments right at their home comfortable.

Home Nurse

Aayan International in the home setting give home nurses who will take care of the patient 24 hours. The medical caretaker will essentially help the patient with their exercises of everyday living, for example, nourishing, prepping, showering and so forth. The medical nurses are trained in geriatric care at our facility where they have invested a time of energy taking care of the matured, weak patients and where responsibility and duty of commitment have been undertaken. We assume that you have come to the correct place, and that the choice you taken in organized care or home care will upgrade the personal satisfaction of you and your matured adored one.