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About Us

Aayan HR Consultancy Home Nursing Services is a staffing consultancy based in Mangalore (D.K). We work with our clients to get powerful HR solutions that produce superior business result. We recommend candidates to companies as per their specific requirements, Keeping in mind experience, skills, academic qualification, enthusiasm and ability.

Mission :

  • Our mission is to help people & business by providing the talent & opportunity
  • To help the job seeker put their talent to work in positions that suit their skills & simulate their success.

Vision :

  • We want to be pipeline of the skilled talent & satisfying career opportunity
  • Serving our customers with the highest levels of service, knowledge, professionalism, honesty and integrity.

Why Choose us?

Aayan International aims to:

  • Expertise in market research
  • Team which can analyze clients & requirements
  • Technical screening of resume
  • Case study of pre & post offer process
  • Corporate Licence Management consultants
  • Background Verification

Aayan International main intension is to be recognized as one of the most trusted manpower consultancy company globally in this competitive world.